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Online and in person

As a therapist in Amsterdam I provide online sessions as well as therapy sessions in my location in Amsterdam...More
All you need is a computer with good internet connection and the reassurance that you are in an environment where you can talk freely and won’t be disturbed.Less


I provide therapy sessions in English as well as Portuguese.

Are you an Expat?

Moving to another country can bring about many challenges...More
Being away from our roots, friends, family, beginning a new job or career, moving house, learning about our new environment, trying to make new connections, finding new hobbies, getting used to the new, all of which we need to overcome in order to build a new life.
Being an expat means facing challenges on a daily basis, which can bring excitement but also put our vulnerabilities to the test. Sometimes you may struggle with anxiety, homesickness, stress,loneliness, feeling overwhelmed, fear of failure and so on. Facing such pressures is only natural and it can be very comforting to have a helping hand that can guide you through the process.
Through counseling for expats you can better comprehend what are the elements in your history and environment that contribute to the discomfort you experience at the moment. Also get to know what alternative behavioral patterns would get you closer to building the type of experience and life you intend to live in your new home country.


Are you dealing with huge pressure, exhaustion and demotivation? Together we can better understand... Morewhere the pressure is coming from and how better deal with it with burnout coaching.Less

Words from clients

  • “Patricia is an amazing professional. Attentive, competent, incredible insights. I refer her to anyone for being a highly qualified psychologist”

    I.L. - 21/04/2020
  • "Attentive, competent and empathetic professional. I trust her with closed eyes and refer her always to other people. She makes the difference in people’s lives."

    I.S. - 21/04/2020
  • "A caring professional, empathetic, committed in helping the client, competent. We can fell we are being heard and also gets us thinking about interesting analysis. I strongly recommend!"

    Bruno - 21/04/2020
  • "Extremely competent professional, qualified and attentive. I refer Patricia to anyone that seek a high quality counselling service. She gave total assistance!"  

    Client - 14/11/2018
  • "Exceptional work! Competent, clear, caring. I am an educator, mother, woman and facing the complexities of life. Patricia makes all the difference in the life of people that, like me, are helped by her. I will always be grateful!"

    Goreth Oliveira - 21/04/2020
  • “Excellent professional. She helped me a lot in various moments of my life. Very empathetic and caring”

    I.M. - 22/04/2020

My therapy location in Amsterdam near Vondelpark

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