Transforming your life through behavioral therapy

Knowledge is a powerful thing. Behavior therapy invites you to take control over your life. It invites you to be able to better deal with your feelings and that of others on the journey of trying to make life happen the way you see as valuable.

Our emotions are a central part of our lives. Understand them is essential if we want to better manage them; build healthier relationships; make informed decisions; steer life in the direction we want. Behavior therapy can instrumentalize you to a better, healthier, more meaningful life.


What is behavioral therapy?

Behavioral therapy is a powerful approach to human behavior. It is grounded on the theoretical framework of Behavior Analysis and focus on understanding the mutual influences of the context we live in and our actions. An in-depth functional description of why we act, feel, and see the world the way we do is the groundwork to make real changes in our lives.

Once we have this knowledge, we focus on deciding “what would I like to change in my life, or on the way I feel or experience things?”. Knowledge is freedom also in your mental space!

Other services I offer might be suitable for you too. Together we look for an adequate form of therapy, whether it is anxiety therapy, burn-out coaching or trauma therapy.

Behavioral therapy

How behavioral therapy can benefit you.

Behavioral therapy is a robust scientific approach to effectively deal with both light mental health issues as well as more comprehensive disorders. The first including for example anxiety and stress-related problems, decision-making, relationship issues, burnout, lack of self-esteem and confidence; and the latter being for example obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), phobias, eating disorders and others.

Through behavioral therapy, you can expect to:

  • Gain deeper insight into the reciprocal influence between your actions and the context you are in – in other words: what do I do that generates consequences in my life and what are the aspects or triggers in my everyday life that make me act in a certain way?
  • Draw a clear map of where you would like to be in life, how you would like to act in certain situations.
  • Fill the gap with skills and abilities between how you would like to act and how you actually do.
  • Better deal with struggles and mental health issues.
  • Build healthier relationships.
  • Be proud of yourself.
  • At your own pace and with our joint efforts, make it all happen.
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Your growth and wellbeing, my commitment.

It is very important to me to be able to provide an environment that is safe, confidential, and conducive to growth. As a therapist, I am experienced in a variety of behavioral techniques and am committed to helping you achieve meaningful change in your life.


Start your journey towards positive change.

Embarking on behavioral therapy is a proactive step towards improving your quality of life. I invite you to reach out to me to discover how my behavioral therapy services can assist in your journey toward positive transformation.

To learn more or to begin your path with us, please contact +31 (0) 6 48 26 50 32 or You can also use the contact form. Let us work together to achieve the changes you seek for a more fulfilling life.

Other therapy services I offer

Trauma therapy

Trauma therapy

A behavioral oriented Trauma therapy involves personalized care that addresses the deep-seated effects of traumatic experiences. We will dive into the context in which it happened, and understand its memories and implications across life.

Anxiety therapy

Anxiety therapy

Anxiety therapy is a personalised process that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of your anxiety. We will explore factors such as cultural shock, work-related stress, social isolation, and personal history to fully understand your experience.

Burnout coaching

Burnout coaching

At Oak Tree Therapy, I specialize in helping individuals overcome and prevent burnout by burnout coaching. My goal is to provide tailored English-speaking sessions online or in person so we can work together towards a healthier, happier life.

Transforming your life through behavioral therapy

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