Therapy in Amsterdam

Online or in person

What is therapy?

Doing therapy means opening up for personal growth and self-knowledge. It means facing our own vulnerabilities, understanding them and being able to have compassion for ourselves. It will ultimately mean learning to live a life that is guided by what brings meaning and fulfillment to us. It means acquiring new abilities and acting in the world in a more healthy and light way.

Who is therapy for?

Be it a result of a traumatic event, a loss, situational aspects or the need for a different future, there are many sources of suffering throughout our lives. For each of them tough it is possible to apply Contextual Analysis. This is relating each thought, feeling, fear, wish to our history. And then, understanding why we behave and feel the way we do. Learning new ways to act in the world with a view to building healthier relationships, more meaningful lives and with clearer purpose.

How to start?

  1. The first step is to be willing to get some help. If you are researching this it is very likely you have already made this step!
  2. Get in touch with me in order to arrange a meeting and getting to know each other a little. It can be an online or in person session.
  3. We will draw a plan to guide our journey together and arrange future meetings for online therapy sessions or therapy in Amsterdam. That is all!

Therapy services I offer

Trauma therapy in Amsterdam: healing and empowerment

Trauma therapy in Amsterdam Healing and empowerment Being a trauma survivor means to live with the long-lasting effects of a heavily distressing experience. It means that even though the event has in practice passed it is not gone yet. It may affect one’s life in so many ways and with such intensity that sometimes it [...]

Expert burnout coaching for sustainable well-being

Expert burnout coaching for sustainable well-being understanding and overcoming a burnout The first and maybe most important message you need to know is that burnout is a problem with workplace dynamics. You are not the problem. You feel what you are supposed to feel when dealing with your everyday reality at work. This means you [...]

Transforming your life through behavioral therapy

Transforming your life through behavioral therapy Knowledge is a powerful thing. Behavior therapy invites you to take control over your life. It invites you to be able to better deal with your feelings and that of others on the journey of trying to make life happen the way you see as valuable. Our emotions are [...]

Tailored anxiety therapy in Amsterdam

Tailored anxiety therapy in Amsterdam Understanding and overcoming anxiety Moving to a new country can bring unique challenges that may contribute to anxiety, such as cultural adjustments, isolation, and the stress of navigating a new environment. My specialized anxiety therapy is designed to address these challenges and more, offering you the support and tools you [...]

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