Trauma therapy in Amsterdam

Healing and empowerment

Being a trauma survivor means to live with the long-lasting effects of a heavily distressing experience. It means that even though the event has in practice passed it is not gone yet. It may affect one’s life in so many ways and with such intensity that sometimes it is hard to carry on with life as we would like to.  That is when therapy comes in handy. It can instrumentalize you to again be yourself, again feel in peace and healthy.

The trauma therapy I provide is specifically designed to address these issues, helping you to find a path to recovery and empowerment in your life.

Understanding trauma therapy

A behavioral oriented Trauma therapy involves personalized care that addresses the deep-seated effects of traumatic experiences. We will dive into the context in which it happened, understand its memories and implications across life. By doing that it is possible to re-signify the experience and accommodate whatever feeling surfaces.

It is about how to move forward instead of being a hostage of the past; how to make space for the memories instead of trying to forget it (if you have been trying to do it, you probably know by now that it is not possible to unsee, undo, unfeel things). Even though it looks or feel impossible, it is possible to be yourself, to dream, to live.

Together we find an adequate form of therapy, whether it is trauma therapy or other forms of therapy such as behavioral therapyburn-out coaching or anxiety therapy.

when anxiety therapy is needed

How trauma therapy can help

Our therapy sessions will aim at helping you process and understand the trauma. It provides tools to manage the effects of what you have been through and strategies to deal with those moments when everything seem too much. This includes:

  • Techniques to cope with symptoms such as anxiety, flashbacks, and emotional distress.
  • Safe exploration and processing of traumatic memories.
  • Building a sense of control and empowerment over your life.
  • Addressing the causes of the trauma.
  • Talking through experiences that may have accumulated over time.
  • Start to steer life in the direction that seems meaningful to you.
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Commitment to your healing journey

At Oak Tree Therapy, my first goal as a therapist is to create a safe, confidential, and empathetic environment. I am not only skilled in trauma therapy but also deeply understand the complexities and challenges faced when we deal with pain, anxiety, grief. Oak Tree Therapy offers flexible scheduling, including weekend appointments, and online therapy options to accommodate your lifestyle.


Taking the first step towards healing

Seeking for help to dealing with trauma is a courageous first step. I invite you to reach out to me to discuss how I can support you on your healing journey. Together, we will work towards a life of greater peace and empowerment. We can meet online or in Amsterdam.

Contact me today at +31 (0) 6 48 26 50 32 or, or fill out the contact form. Begin your journey of healing and empowerment with Oak Tree Therapy, your supportive partner in Trauma Therapy in Amsterdam.

Other therapy services I offer

Anxiety therapy

Anxiety therapy

Anxiety therapy is a personalised process that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of your anxiety. We will explore factors such as cultural shock, work-related stress, social isolation, and personal history to fully understand your experience.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy

Behavior therapy invites you to take control over your life. It invites you to be able to better deal with your feelings and those of others on the journey of trying to make life happen the way you see it as valuable. Knowledge is freedom also in your mental space!

Burnout coaching

Burnout coaching

At Oak Tree Therapy, I specialize in helping individuals overcome and prevent burnout by burnout coaching. My goal is to provide tailored English-speaking sessions online or in person so we can work together towards a healthier, happier life.

Understanding and overcoming Trauma

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