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Hello, my name is Patricia Carvalho. I provide online and in person talk therapy/counseling in Amsterdam. In case you wonder what counseling is, I like to describe it as this special relationship with a person that will never judge you, will help you understand your emotions and think of ways to get to live life the way you would like to. A safe place to go to and get help for whatever hurts you.

As a qualified Behavior Analyst with background on Functional Analytic Psychotherapy – FAP, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – ACT, I see clients dealing with a range of issues, such as burnout, anxiety, depression, relationship related struggles, grief, among others.

Dealing with any emotional pain is tricky and exhausting. It is also too often a lonely space, not to count the extent in which it can disturb our lives.

As the beautifully complex beings we are, struggle in one area of life will never only impact that one context. For example, if you are going through a burnout, or a depression that has this constant sadness as the background of every waking time of your life, I understand that it might cross your mind how impossible it looks to be able to actually being ok and even feel happy again. Trust me. It is possible!

  • “Excellent professional. She helped me a lot in various moments of my life. Very empathetic and caring”

    I.M. - 22/04/2020
  • "Exceptional work! Competent, clear, caring. I am an educator, mother, woman and facing the complexities of life. Patricia makes all the difference in the life of people that, like me, are helped by her. I will always be grateful!"

    Goreth Oliveira - 21/04/2020
  • "Extremely competent professional, qualified and attentive. I refer Patricia to anyone that seek a high quality counselling service. She gave total assistance!"  

    Client - 14/11/2018
  • "A caring professional, empathetic, committed in helping the client, competent. We can fell we are being heard and also gets us thinking about interesting analysis. I strongly recommend!"

    Bruno - 21/04/2020
  • "Attentive, competent and empathetic professional. I trust her with closed eyes and refer her always to other people. She makes the difference in people’s lives."

    I.S. - 21/04/2020
  • “Patricia is an amazing professional. Attentive, competent, incredible insights. I refer her to anyone for being a highly qualified psychologist”

    I.L. - 21/04/2020

It is possible to feel better!

No matter where you stand on your life and mental health at the moment, it is possible to get better. That is where I come in and can help you.

Along our journey together (online, or in Amsterdam), we will look to understand the life history and events that slowly but surely contributed to you becoming the person you are today. That is the first step to understand the pain or struggles you might be facing in the present. Empowered by this knowledge, we can then look at your current environment and understand all the triggers and impediments for you to live life the way you wish to.

Truth is we don’t need to go through hardship on our own. There are plenty of ways therapy, as a helping hand, can remind you of your strengths and train those skills you need to overcome whatever stops you today from a healthier and lighter life.

  • Specialist in counselling based on behavioural analysis
    Specialist in counselling based on behavioural analysis
  • Association for Contextual Behavioural Science
    Association for Contextual Behavioural Science

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