Patricia Carvalho

Patricia Carvalho, psychologist for expats

Some history about me

I am originally from Brazil, where I completed my psychology qualification in 2012. After that, I have been a expat for quite a while. My experience as an expat began in Ireland, where I lived for more than three years. In 2020, the Netherlands became my home. Living abroad has given me the opportunity to get to know other cultures, further inspiring my passion for understanding the mind and its connections with thought, emotion and behaviour. This perspective has given me some insight on some of the struggles that living away from our roots and original culture can bring. Maybe for that reason so many of my clients are expats themselves.


How I became a psychologist

Being a psychologist has been my chosen path for as long as I can remember. Even though that was primarily due to difficult personal circumstances, today it brings me fulfilment and purpose. Since an early age, observing and understanding people’s behaviour has been crucial for my wellbeing. My personal experience of abusive relationship in my youth led me to seek professional help. Therapy was a game changer in my life, helping me to break free from abuse, learn to process my emotions, and give myself the care I needed to deal with the obstacules I struggled with.

Why my work is meaningful to me

I can help people start a new chapter in their lives. Applying the evidence-based theory and set of interventions of Behavior Analysis, I can empower people with the knowledge of the history and construction of their current struggles (a clear understanding of why the problem is happening), and think of how to deal with it in the healthiest way in order to lead the life my client would like to live.

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Specialization on Clinical Behavior Analysis by the Brasiliense Institute of Behavior Analysis;

Participation on the Cross-cultural psychology research methods carried out by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in partnership with ACBEU Salvador.

Participation in courses such as: Manual IACC of Behavior Activation (BA-IACC) on the treatment of depression; The science behind eating behavior; Verbal Behavior; The practice of Behavior Analyst informed by the Relational Frame Theory – RFT; Obsessive compulsive disorder: behavior analysis interventions; Treatment of abusive relationships in psychotherapy; among others.

Member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science – ACBS.

Located very close to Amsterdam where I often practise my job as a psychologist.

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Certificate Patricia Carvalho

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