Expert burnout coaching for sustainable well-being

understanding and overcoming a burnout

The first and maybe most important message you need to know is that burnout is a problem with workplace dynamics. You are not the problem. You feel what you are supposed to feel when dealing with your everyday reality at work. This means you are not a failure, not guilty, not a bad employee. It means we must understand the triggers this environment brings to you, learn healthy ways to respond to it, and maybe start a career plan for the near future.

At Oak Tree Therapy, I specialize in helping individuals overcome and prevent burnout by burnout coaching. My goal is to provide tailored English-speaking sessions online or in person so we can work together towards a healthier, happier life.

What is burnout coaching?

By burnout coaching I mean a clear path with the focus on 1. Identifying the root causes of burnout in your specific context; 2. Assess skills and abilities you already possess that can help us deal with the unhealthy work environment; and 3. Put together a plan to get to a place of peace and fulfillment at work.

Burnout coaching

How burnout coaching can help

My coaching sessions offer practical strategies and tools to help you:

  • Analyze and understand which aspects of the work context foster burnout.
  • Recognize and manage symptoms of burnout, such as chronic fatigue, emotional exhaustion, feeling disconnected, low expectations of being able to make changes happen.
  • Develop coping mechanisms to deal with stress.
  • Look into the future and take steps towards a work routine that excites instead of draining you.
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Getting to a place of peace and growth

The road to a healthier life can bring about growth, strength, and peace. It is not a coincidence that we often experience the most meaningful and long-lasting changes in our lives as a result of moments like the one you are going through now. It is possible to be yourself again and even a better version of you.


Taking the first step towards recovery from burnout

Dealing with it all alone is so difficult. It means a lot to me being the helping hand that assist you on walking towards taking control over your life again.  Whether you need support dealing with anxiety, trauma, burn-out, let’s have a chat to get to know each other a bit and start this journey together.

Feel free to contact me today at +31 (0) 6 48 26 50 32,, or fill out the contact form. Let me help you navigate through burnout and move toward a life of balance, fulfillment, and sustained well-being.

Other therapy services I offer

Trauma therapy

Trauma therapy

A behavioral oriented Trauma therapy involves personalized care that addresses the deep-seated effects of traumatic experiences. We will dive into the context in which it happened, and understand its memories and implications across life.

Anxiety therapy

Anxiety therapy

Anxiety therapy is a personalised process that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of your anxiety. We will explore factors such as cultural shock, work-related stress, social isolation, and personal history to fully understand your experience.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy

Behavior therapy invites you to take control over your life. It invites you to be able to better deal with your feelings and those of others on the journey of trying to make life happen the way you see it as valuable. Knowledge is freedom also in your mental space!

Expert burnout coaching for sustainable well-being

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